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During 2020 all NCI stations closed for two months at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. On re-opening most stations were single-crewed for the rest of the year.

Please note: NCI Canvey Island was previously know as NCI Holehaven and moved location on Monday 18 October 2021. All NCI Canvey Island Incident Summaries before that date will be in respect of NCI Holehaven at its previous location.

Glossary of Terms
FAWGI = False Alarm With Good Intent, MoP = Member of the Public, NFA = No Further Action, HMCG, CG or MCA = Coastguard, MisPer = Missing Person
CRT = Coastguard Rescue Team, CGOC = Coast Guard Operations Centre, ILB/ALB/LB = Lifeboats, MV = Motor Vessel, MB = Motor Boat,
ML = Motor Launch, FV = Fishing Vessel, PB = Power Boat, PWC = Personal Water Craft ("Jet Ski"), RIB = Rigid Inflatable Boat,
VLCC = Very Large Crude Carrier, UKBF = UK Border Force
Incident No. Date of Incident Station Name Incident Summary Initiated by Lifeboat involved MCA MCA No.
49665 07/05/2024 NCI Whitstable NCI observed Cabin Cruiser with smoke emerging. HMCG contacted NCI, who told CG vessel was being monitored, and proceeding at speed. CG asked for update - vessel continuing and smoke reduced. , RNLI had investigated and found no cause for concern. MCA/HMCG No Yes 514114
49620 06/05/2024 NCI Mundesley NCI observed 2 jet skis racing close to beach. HMCG informed. Police informed as considered danger to public. NCI No Yes POL220
49623 06/05/2024 NCI Exmouth Yacht called NCI re. rudder fouled on rope. HMCG informed, ILB tasked. LB reached casualty just as it freed itself. ILB stood down. NCI Yes Yes 514010
49925 06/05/2024 NCI St Donat's Bay MOP reported to HMCG climbing down cliffs. NCI extended watch to monitor. CRT tasked to give tombstoning safety advice. NCI No Yes 514002
49596 06/05/2024 NCI Cape Cornwall NCI observed a RIB apparently no-one on board. HMCG informed, and two yachts reported to be close by. yachts asked to investigate,, but AWLB tasked, which located vessel. Kill cord in place, fishing , gear on board, and plotter revealed it had come from Brittany. French said they had been looking for vessel, as the crew had fallen overboard, but rescued safe and well. Vessel has continued across , channel until fuel ran out. RIB recovered by LB, NFA NCI Yes Yes 513935
49611 06/05/2024 NCI Swanage NCI observed Paddle Boarder in difficulty. HMCG informed, passing dive vessel picked casualty up and returned to shore. RNLI asked whether needed, but informed casualty was safe and well. NCI No Yes 513944
49621 05/05/2024 NCI Fleetwood Speed boat called HMCG as had broken down. NCI informed CG they had visual. ILB tasked. Vessel aground on sandbank and will be recovered later. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 513822
49638 05/05/2024 NCI Nare Point NCI heard CRT calling HMCG re. yacht holed and attempting to reach beach. Vessel taking on water. NCI had visual, CG informed, location and detail provided. AWLB tasked, and deployed Y boat., Attempt to motor vessel to beach, as tow considered dangerous. Vessel was then beached and secured. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 513801
49591 05/05/2024 NCI Newhaven NCI observed a paraglider crash land. HMCG informed. CRT tasked to cliff top, also Fire Brigade. NCI gave CG updates. Casualty recovered with minor injuries. NCI No Yes 513803
49610 04/05/2024 NCI Exmouth NCI observed a sheep carcase floating in channel. Harbour Master advised, who informed Environment Agency. HMCG advised. NCI No Yes n/a
49577 04/05/2024 NCI St Donat's Bay MOP advised people cut off and climbing cliffs. NCI St Donat's contacted HMCG. LB tasked with CRT . No siting so stood down NCI Yes Yes 513648
49763 04/05/2024 NCI Nells Point NCI observed 3 MOP crossing to island while causeway was flooding, followed by 5 others. HMCG informed, but all managed to reach mainland without help. NCI No Yes 513635
49581 04/05/2024 NCI Rame Head IFV made Mayday relay re YBK on rocks. WK mobile went to cliff top to monitor, HMCG tasked AWLB to tow casualty which had been re floated by local DVC .Police launch in attendance MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 513610
49585 04/05/2024 NCI Torbay NCI observed a Paddle Board, 2 POB, struggling. HMCG advised, monitoring requested. Casualties eventually self rescued, very exhausted. NFA NCI No Yes 513714
49598 04/05/2024 NCI Porthcawl NCI called by HMCG re. report of person in the water at river mouth. Search carried out, and yellow buoy was seen but no person in difficulty. Police searched area and nothing found. MCA/HMCG No Yes 513720
49599 04/05/2024 NCI Nells Point NCI observed 3 MOP on island, causeway due to close. a further 5 MOP also seen. HMCG informed of possible stranding. All 8 casualties eventually waded ashore to safety. NFA NCI No Yes 513635
49571 03/05/2024 NCI Torbay NCI Torbay observed male on MB waving to attract attention - called HMCG who tasked AWLB who recovered following NCI bearing and distance NCI Yes Yes 513524
49578 03/05/2024 NCI Calshot Tower NCI Calshot contacted HMCG re catamaran stuck in mud and capsized. HMCG requested NCI to monitor. Fire and first responder attended and CRT . Casualty rescued , Catamaran refloated on rising tide and drifted towards shore. NCI No Yes 413461
49586 03/05/2024 NCI Stepper Point NCI heard radio call re. 3 MOP cut off on sandbar. NCI had visual, HMCG informed. Paddle board was observed by casualties, who showed no distress. ILB was cancelled, and casualties reached shore by, Paddle Board. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 509700
49551 02/05/2024 NCI Shoreham NCI Shoreham heard faint Mayday. Called HMCG who were unaware - investigated - believed to be hoax NCI No Yes 513375
49557 02/05/2024 NCI Prawle Point HMCG tasked NCI Prawle Point to monitor vessel (already under observation) which had lost power and to stay on watch until ALB recovered MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 513370
49564 02/05/2024 NCI Stone Point HMCG asked if NCI Stone Point had visual on broken down RIB - confirmed - LB tasked to recover MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 513365
49541 02/05/2024 NCI Hengistbury Head HMCG asked NCI Hengistbury Head if they had visual on inflatable adrift- NCI confirmed visual ILB tasked to recover - NCI conned ILB to casualty MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 513328
49543 02/05/2024 NCI Lee-on-the-Solent NCI Lee on Solent observed dinghy capsize several times - sailor appeared to be tiring - Contacted HMCH with bearing and distance -LB tasked. Sailor managed to right the dinghy and out of danger -LB , stood down NCI Yes Yes 513773
49533 01/05/2024 NCI Portland Bill HMCG contacted NCI Portland Bill to visually monitor yacht with engine failure. RN Vessel was in vicinity and towed casualty to safety MCA/HMCG No Yes 513230
49540 01/05/2024 NCI Gosport NCI Gosport contacted HMCG re suspected yacht aground - casualty appeared to have deployed anchor and floated clear shortly NCI No Yes 513258
49531 01/05/2024 NCI Filey MOP reported to NCI Filey elderly female fallen banging head on rock. NCI mobile patrol gave first aid and called ambulance - took casualty to A&E NCI No No N/A
49538 30/04/2024 NCI Lee-on-the-Solent NCI Lee on the Solent spotted Wing surfer with difficulty getting ashore -contacted HMCG - monitored until lost visual - passed to NCI Calshot who reported casualty reached shore NCI No Yes 513096
49530 30/04/2024 NCI Exmouth HMCG Contacted NCI Exmouth after MOP reported SUP in possible danger - NCI made sweep saw SUP, but not in danger. CG tasked NCI to monitor and report safe return MCA/HMCG No Yes 513083
49513 29/04/2024 NCI St Ives NCI St Ives spotted Kite Surfer who seemed incompetent - spending lot of time in sea. Contactede HMCG and continued monitoring until surfer safe NCI No Yes 512946
49514 29/04/2024 NCI Charlestown HMCG tasked NCI Charlestown to make visual search for woman on rocks- NCI spotted and reported position, Police,CRT and Fire in attendance. LB offshore. Casualty lowered to safety MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 512974
49500 28/04/2024 NCI Hengistbury Head NCI Hengistbury Head spotted foil boarder swimming to shore but struggling- phoned LB station to advise them who tasked ILB - who was on exercise- potential casualty was OK and returned to beach NCI Yes No
49505 28/04/2024 NCI Calshot Tower HMCG contacted NCI Calshot Tower asking have visual on vessel Dawnraider- NCI confirmed giving lat and long- monitored until LB took in tow MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 512882
49495 27/04/2024 NCI Shoreham NCI Shoreham monitoring radio heard CG task CRT to kayak off Hove Lagoon. Using camera -spotted casualty and informed CG they did not appear to be in difficulty - heading back to shore MCA/HMCG No Yes 512773
49496 27/04/2024 NCI Porthcawl HMCG contacted NCI Porthcawl re call from MOP 3 SUP appeared to be struggling -used camera link - asked to monitor. Eventually tasked ILB to recover MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 512735
49485 26/04/2024 NCI Chapel Point NCI Chapel Point spotted dead porpoise on beach - reported to HMCG and Natural History Museum NCI No Yes N/A
49474 24/04/2024 NCI Shoreham HMCG tasked NCI Shoreham to lookout for overdue yacht from Ramsgate ti Bournemouth - unable to contact vessel, Vessel found and NCI stood down MCA/HMCG No Yes 512201
49479 24/04/2024 NCI Llandudno NCI Llandudno monitoring ch0 heard single word Mayday - then repeated. no further transmission. Contacted HMCG who had not heard but will investigate NCI No Yes 512335
49480 24/04/2024 NCI Porthcawl HMCG contacted NCI Porthcawl after MOP observed person entering the water fully clothed or in wetsuit- tasked NCI to scan beach with CCTV- nothing seen - stood down MCA/HMCG No Yes 512343
49467 24/04/2024 NCI Hengistbury Head NCI Hengistbury Head observed vessel belching black smoke. HMCG contacted NCI re vessel - tasked to monitor. Fishing then moved off - no smoke. HMCG stood down incident MCA/HMCG No Yes 512316

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