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The Total Number of Incidents since we started recording them can be found by selecting '-Year' from the Year filter : 8031
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During 2020 all NCI stations closed for two months at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. On re-opening most stations were single-crewed for the rest of the year.

Please note: NCI Canvey Island was previously know as NCI Holehaven and moved location on Monday 18 October 2021. All NCI Canvey Island Incident Summaries before that date will be in respect of NCI Holehaven at its previous location.

Glossary of Terms
FAWGI = False Alarm With Good Intent, MoP = Member of the Public, NFA = No Further Action, HMCG, CG or MCA = Coastguard, MisPer = Missing Person
CRT = Coastguard Rescue Team, CGOC = Coast Guard Operations Centre, ILB/ALB/LB = Lifeboats, MV = Motor Vessel, MB = Motor Boat,
ML = Motor Launch, FV = Fishing Vessel, PB = Power Boat, PWC = Personal Water Craft ("Jet Ski"), RIB = Rigid Inflatable Boat,
VLCC = Very Large Crude Carrier, UKBF = UK Border Force
Incident No. Date of Incident Station Name Incident Summary Initiated by Lifeboat involved MCA MCA No.
49480 24/04/2024 NCI Porthcawl HMCG contacted NCI Porthcawl after MOP observed person entering the water fully clothed or in wetsuit- tasked NCI to scan beach with CCTV- nothing seen - stood down MCA/HMCG No Yes 512343
49469 23/04/2024 NCI Gosport Mayday heard alleging inflatable dinghy with 28 POB.HMCG tried to obtain position but caller refused saying it was an exercise, All stood down MCA/HMCG No Yes 512264
49440 22/04/2024 NCI Mablethorpe Following previous day when MOP reported suspected ordnance - HMCG requested NCI to check if it was still there - MCA cancelled request and asked Police to attend who confirmed is was an ordnance. EOD, summoned who removed and destroyed it MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 512008
49442 22/04/2024 NCI Needles NCI Needles observed Dory with 3 POB - boat was emp- ty - went behind lighthouse and re appeared loaded with black sacks and 5 gallon containers- photo taken - sent to JRC who confirmed, they were servicing the lighthouse and not illegal activities NCI No Yes 512123
49455 22/04/2024 NCI Shoreham HMCG contacted NCI Shoreham re PanPan from speedboat with engine failure tasking them to locate and monitor casualty- Done. - Speedboat re started engine - stood down MCA/HMCG No Yes 512119
49483 22/04/2024 NCI Prawle Point NCI Prawle Point observed Rib chasing dolphins - reported to Salcombe Harbour who spoke to them on return NCI No No N/A
49434 21/04/2024 NCI Mablethorpe MOP contacted NCI Mablethorpe re suspected ordnance- it was about to be covered by tide. HMCG informed and will wait until next low tide to follow up NCI No Yes 512008
49436 21/04/2024 NCI Charlestown NCI Charlestown observed 6 persons wading towards Polmear Island unaware of rising tide. Contacted HMCG - persons scaling scree to escape tide. RNLI on standby. Casualties made it to safety -all stood, down NCI Yes Yes 511730
49438 21/04/2024 NCI Shoreham HMCG tasked NCI Shoreham to spot and monitor speedboat with engine failure. IILB recovered casualty MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 512020
49425 20/04/2024 NCI Exmouth NCI Exmouth observed broken down speed boat = contacted HMCG ILB took casualty in tow NCI Yes Yes 511814
49426 20/04/2024 NCI Worms Head NCI Worms Head observed MOP on causeway informed HMCG who Tasked ILB - recovered 3 casualties NCI Yes Yes 511865
49431 20/04/2024 NCI Charmouth HMCG called NCI Charmouth following report of missing person made visual search - nothing found. Police Helo tasked. Missing Person found on beach MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 511837
49418 19/04/2024 NCI Torbay Ch 00 to Torbay ILB - EPIRB - ILB checked vessel - no sign of EPIRB. NCI Torbay assisted with visual search. AWLB tasked to continue search, HMCG stood all stations down MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 511748
49420 19/04/2024 NCI Hengistbury Head HMCG called NCI Hengistbury Head re report of small rib with 2 persons suspicious behaviour. NCI observed rib - appeared to be fishing. NCI lost sight after rib went round headland. HMCG confirmed , closed MCA/HMCG No Yes 511726
49424 19/04/2024 NCI Shoreham HMCG contacted NCI Shoreham re person fully clothed on waste outfall. NCI kept visual-observed perso walking back with fishing rod MCA/HMCG No Yes 511731
49415 18/04/2024 NCI Teignmouth CC engine failure near rocks - dropped anchor and called HMCG who declared a Pan Pan. NCI contacted HMCG giving exact position and situation - AWLB tasked to take over tow from DDG, in vicinity MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 511643
49423 18/04/2024 NCI Newhaven MOP contacted NCI Newhaven re YBS on anchor off Splash Point. NCI contacted HMCG. Early next morning casualty broke free and capsized RNLI rescued 2 people NCI Yes Yes 51169
49400 15/04/2024 NCI Exmouth NCI Exmouth observed unmanned RIB - contacted Harbourmaster and HMCG -Safety boat diverted to recover NCI No Yes 512384
49409 15/04/2024 NCI Porthcawl MOP reported to NCI Porthcawl bundle of clothing on beach. NCI contacted HMCG gave camera link - NCI tasked to monitor-then said they had no concerns - suggested calling Police in case of missing , person - done NCI No Yes 511310
49383 14/04/2024 NCI Boscastle NCI Boscastle reported sighting of 2 paddles and orange object 1NM North of station to HMCG.CRT tasked and ILB launched and was conned to target by NCI, 2 paddles and traffic cone recovered NCI Yes Yes 511184
49391 14/04/2024 NCI Gosport HMCG asked if NCI Gosport had visual on angling craft with engine failure - NCI confirmed with bearing and distance - Harbour Patrol Craft recovered MCA/HMCG No Yes 511133
49379 13/04/2024 NCI Skegness fisherman reported windsurfer appeared to be in trouble - seen heading back to shore NCI No Yes 511021
49382 13/04/2024 NCI Stone Point Mayday from YBS reporting engine failure- engine re started, then failed. NCI Contacted HMCG- had visual - casualty then reporting engine fire, extinguished and dropped anchor. LB tasked and conned to, casualty. LB towed to safety NCI Yes Yes 511031
49373 13/04/2024 NCI Worms Head MOP observed outward bound on causeway due to close- NCI Worms Head contacted HMCG about possible stranding. RNLI tasked retrieved 2 casualties NCI Yes Yes 511063
49378 12/04/2024 NCI Cromer YBS advised HMCG that it had engine problems - AWLB tasked to recover - NCI Cromer monitored situation MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 510884
49390 12/04/2024 NCI Whitstable MOP reported capsized dinghy out of visual of NCI Whitstable. HMCG contacted with approx location. CRT and RNLI tasked - casualty recovered NCI Yes Yes 510900
49367 12/04/2024 NCI Torbay YBS called NCI Torbay on 65 - stuck on Wave Buoy. NCI contacted HMCG - AWLB deployed NCI Yes Yes 510866
49374 12/04/2024 NCI Exmouth CH 65 call from YBS stuck on Wave Buoy- NCI Exmouth contacted HMCG NCI No Yes 510866
49364 11/04/2024 NCI Newhaven MOP contacted NCI Newhaven re unresponsive man by steps at Newhaven Heights appeared drunk with legs over cliff edge, NCI passed on details to the police. CRT attended NCI Yes Yes 510693
49369 11/04/2024 NCI Skegness MOP rang to say they saw person in the water waving their arms off Chapel Point NCI No Yes 510771
49372 11/04/2024 NCI Porthcawl Police requested NCI Porthcawl to make visual search for despondent male, NCI scanned areas - nothing found. Police contacted to report person found inland Police No No
49356 10/04/2024 NCI Lyme Bay NCI Lyme Bay observed new substantial rock fall. Informed HMCG who tasked CRT. No ingress on coastal path after inspection stood down NCI No Yes 510569
49359 10/04/2024 NCI Fleetwood orange lifeboat observed drifting not under command off Rossall Point. HMCG informed who tasked NCI to monitor. HMCG to arrange recovery NCI No Yes 510584
49362 10/04/2024 NCI Canvey Island Police contacted NCI Canvey Island - tasked to make visual search for male with description. Nothing found continued to monitor until close Police No No N/A
49346 08/04/2024 NCI Mablethorpe NCI were asked to open station by emergency planning officer and monitor the high tide. CCTV coverage requested due to flood alert by EA. No incidents seen, and images forwarded to officer. NCI No No n/a
43947 08/04/2024 NCI Penzance HMCG were trying to contact a yacht with no response. NCI had good visual, CG informed. Vessel entered harbour, AWLB tasked to check vessel, which tied up safely, NFA. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 510322
49348 08/04/2024 NCI Shoreham Lifebuoy marker, still flashing, was handed to W/K by MOP. HMCG informed, CRT collected item and ILB conducted search, nothing found, assets stood down. NCI Yes Yes 510274
49335 07/04/2024 NCI Porthcawl MOP contacted HMCG re. person struggling in water. NCI asked for visual. ILB and CRT tasked. Extensive search revealed only a yellow buoy, HELO also searching. Nothing seen, assets stood down. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 510197
49326 06/04/2024 NCI Exmouth HMCG were asked for visual on windsurfer in difficulty. ILB tasked, NCI identified casualty by CCTV.Casualty recovered safely to shore, medical assistance not required. MCA/HMCG Yes Yes 510087
49332 06/04/2024 NCI Wells-next-the-Sea NCI observed 2 MOP wading/swimming across channel. HMCG notified. LB tasked but stood down as casualties reached dry land. CRT arrived to locate persons involved, but they had left. CG informed. NCI Yes Yes 510051

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