Our Strategy


Our Mission:

to assist in the protection and preservation of life at sea and around the UK coastline. 

Our Vision:

to maintain our professional watchkeeping standards while developing NCI into a truly national organisation, universally recognised as the foremost provider of voluntary watchkeeping services to the UK Search and Rescue organisations. 


Our Aspirations:

to maintain and develop our current expertise and capability, further developing our existing stations and expanding into new areas of proven need. 
We will continue to build our profile with a targeted communications programme, taking positive steps to encourage greater use of Channel 65 among inshore waters users. 
At the same time we will strengthen our financial base through a strong programme of local and national fundraising to build a sustainable funding stream which will enable us to fulfil our future development plans.
As NCI expands we will gradually build our management structure to continue to support existing stations and enable development into new areas. 

Our Core Value:

a commitment to helping to save lives at sea and around the UK coastline by providing a volunteer watchkeeping service to assist HM Coastguard.  


to maintain accountability and efficiency in the use of the donations entrusted to us by our supporters, managing our affairs with transparency, integrity and impartiality. We take responsibility for our own actions and are dedicated to the safety of others. 


Our strength lies in our local volunteer watchkeepers, carefully directed and resourced. 
We believe in continually striving for excellence and innovation, constantly seeking better ways of delivering what we do and embracing new ideas and technologies. 
We will not seek funding from central government where that would jeopardise our independence. 


We will work with HMCG and RNLI to evaluate the potential of new lookout sites with a view to establishing self-sufficient stations wherever they are needed. 
The fundamental criteria for new stations will be ‘proven need’ and ‘viability' (financial and manpower).


We are building an ever-larger historical database of incident types and causes, which will enable us to develop a clear picture of current and future trends which we will need to be aware of. This data, combined with that of our SAR partners HMCG and RNLI, will enable us to take a more pro-active role in helping to save lives at sea and around the UK coastline.